the ever-expanding sh*tlist

by Michael Werneburg
on 2017.02.27

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April, 2018

March, 2018
· the planning fallacy

February, 2018
· Valentine's day vm backup plan

November, 2017
· the unsafe workplace and the body's response

October, 2017
· ISACA article is live

September, 2017
· published
· the Equifax breach
· Tracking Vulnerability Fixes to Production

August, 2017
· evaluating third party cyber risk

July, 2017
· getting it wrong with R
· de-identifying health information
· that's a lot of tracking!

June, 2017
· gaming Google news
· privacy in this day and age
· another record breach
· writing an industry standard
· ISACA article accepted

May, 2017
· Covey time-management quadrants
· safe harbor de-identification of health data
· an ISACA article

April, 2017
· my guide on managing third party risk
· PMP for five years
· metrics that matter
· 720 reads in 48 hours
· I lost my job

March, 2017
· farewell, SIRA board
· the message and the medium
· an interesting take on consulting


These are the 64 IP addresses that I current block on my websites. They include 50 that are responsible for more than 12,000 attempts at leaving bogus comments on my site just since I started blocking IP's that were leaving spam. I ran each through "dig -x" and have posted either the "answer" domain or the SOA domain. The latter aren't the owners, but they seem to run crappy networks. / (565 attempts since I started blocking) (581 attempts since I started blocking) (536 attempts since I started blocking) (965 attempts since I started blocking!) / (632 attempts since I started blocking)

The sad thing is, with this group of 64 now prevented from obtaining a response from my web server, another group will "rise to the top". All the while, I'm cutting random IP's off from my domains. The Internet is broken.

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