Covey time-management quadrants

by Michael Werneburg
on 2017.05.30

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July, 2017
· getting it wrong with R
· de-identifying health information
· that's a lot of tracking!

June, 2017
· gaming Google news
· privacy in this day and age
· another record breach
· writing an industry standard
· ISACA article accepted

May, 2017
· Covey time-management quadrants
· safe harbor de-identification of health data
· an ISACA article

April, 2017
· my guide on managing third party risk
· PMP for five years
· metrics that matter
· 720 reads in 48 hours
· I lost my job

March, 2017
· farewell, SIRA board
· the message and the medium
· an interesting take on consulting

February, 2017
· the ever-expanding sh*tlist
· claiming professional expenses in Canada
· get cyber safe
· the flight of the wealthy

January, 2017
· virtual kidnapping
· financial industry vendor management

November, 2016
· securing your life
· yet another reason to patch

October, 2016
· DNS subdomain discovery
· fintech and information risk

September, 2016
· on failed persons

July, 2016
· how to sabotage innovative projects

June, 2016
· no fix for cyber security in our lifetime


Where oh where has the four-quadrant Franklin Covey time management system been, all my life? It puts many of my thoughts into a concise guide!

Franklin Covey time matrixFranklin Covey time matrix

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