gaming Google news

by Michael Werneburg
on 2017.06.27

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July, 2017
· getting it wrong with R
· de-identifying health information
· that's a lot of tracking!

June, 2017
· gaming Google news
· privacy in this day and age
· another record breach
· writing an industry standard
· ISACA article accepted

May, 2017
· Covey time-management quadrants
· safe harbor de-identification of health data
· an ISACA article

April, 2017
· my guide on managing third party risk
· PMP for five years
· metrics that matter
· 720 reads in 48 hours
· I lost my job

March, 2017
· farewell, SIRA board
· the message and the medium
· an interesting take on consulting

February, 2017
· the ever-expanding sh*tlist
· claiming professional expenses in Canada
· get cyber safe
· the flight of the wealthy

January, 2017
· virtual kidnapping
· financial industry vendor management

November, 2016
· securing your life
· yet another reason to patch

October, 2016
· DNS subdomain discovery
· fintech and information risk

September, 2016
· on failed persons

July, 2016
· how to sabotage innovative projects

June, 2016
· no fix for cyber security in our lifetime


two of four articles are spam?
two of four articles are spam?

Kudos to whoever figured out how to game Google's aggregator this badly. Also, could Google really be this desperate for health news?

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