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This website is a solo project by Michael Werneburg, a Toronto-area practitioner in the dark arts of risk and change management for technology organizations.

That's me.

I'm in this field, and maintain this website, for some simple reasons. I enjoy this sort of work; I've done some challenging things and want to share what I've learned; and I believe there's a need for some advice in this space. I believe that my employers benefit from improved operational resilience, higher performance realized, and better ability to act on opportunities. Hopefully this website will help other organizations do the same while avoiding some of the pitfalls.


In 1994, started my career in IT, first in a variety of software development and technology roles, later as a project manager. This led to process work such as ITIL implementation, and then from there into the new field of "enterprise risk management". I've worked for service organizations large and small, including:

I've also worked on the other side of the fence, at three investment banks, one life insurance carrier, and a mutual fund manufacturer. In two cases, I was employed by a service organization but reported to the client.

In short, I understand something of both sides of the equation. I won't suggest that it's been smooth sailing. In fact, the many hazards and time-wasting dead-ends I've encountered in this field are a major impetus for me to put together this website.

other entanglements

I am a member of the board of the Society of Information Risk Analysts, a non-profit professional association and another outcome of my struggles to find real guidance. I'm also on the board of Cycle Toronto, a non-profit advocacy organization promoting cyclist safety in our fair city.

I hold the IIA's Certified Internal Auditor designation, and the PMI's Project Management Professional certification. I completed an MSc in Risk Management with Birmingham City Business School in August 2014, where I wrote a dissertation on third party risk from the vendor's standpoint. I did my bachelor's degree in Geography, specializing in glacio-fluvial geomorphology (how rivers and glaciers shape the Earth), and geographic information systems (GIS). I also picked up a post-graduate certificate in GIS.

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