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I skipped another afternoon of "keynotes" to meet with a succession of people. At lunch I met with a fellow I knew from last year's SIRAcon in Minneapolis. We're discussing co-writing a paper based on what we learned at RSA. The meetings ended with a discussion of "behavioral economics", on which a fellow Torontonian member of SIRA is presenting tomorrow. Air Canada moved my flight a bit earlier, so I won't catch his talk, but it was a great way to spend a suddenly sunny afternoon in this misty city.

At the end of the day I attended the Codebreaker's Bash. I won friends and influenced people by doing things like asking to join people at their dinner table and wriggling into the roped-off VIP bar. I sampled bourbon with Finns and talked FAIR with acquaintances I'd made during the week. It was fun.

I'm very ready to go home, despite being told by two people from up-state New York that it was snowing back there. In late April.

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