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failed your PMP exam?


That sucks. I don't know if any of this helps, but:

a) I know plenty of people who have repeatedly failed, and I don't mean idiots.

b) You're writing the hardest exam that's ever existed. The exam today is harder than the one my colleague, a software development manager wrote two years ago, his was harder than my '12 exam, and mine was harder than the one our VP's wrote in '04.

c) You are at least trying, which is more than can be said for many PM's. Many.

d) No studying is wasted.

e) Put it in context: you're not paying MBA money for this. And there are job postings that state, "MBA or PMP required".

Now you know exactly what's on the exam. That will help focus your studies, and renew your commitment. You'll probably pass the thing on the next go. And then never have to write it again.

I've written on this before, assembling some tools and tips for exam-takers. They're free. Good luck.

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