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the ever-expanding sh*tlist


These are the 64 IP addresses that I current block on my websites. They include 50 that are responsible for more than 12,000 attempts at leaving bogus comments on my site just since I started blocking IP's that were leaving spam. I ran each through "dig -x" and have posted either the "answer" domain or the SOA domain. The latter aren't the owners, but they seem to run crappy networks. psychz.net jxncptt.net.cn raksmart.com wind.it quadranet.com quadranet.com quadranet.com quadranet.com mail.icheckmls.co internet-spb.ru internet-spb.ru internet-spb.ru internet-spb.ru internet-spb.ru ovh.ca / ovh.net ripe.net ripe.net (565 attempts since I started blocking) ripe.net (581 attempts since I started blocking) ripe.net (536 attempts since I started blocking) mail.franleader.fr teleglobalua.com elitemail.com.br clouduol.com.br us.xo.net kaledns.com allgamer.net mail.ru bbtec.net besthosting.ua (965 attempts since I started blocking!) besthosting.ua besthosting.ua ip-37-187-71.eu voxility.com cogentco.com ripe.net infolink.com monmysite.com versaweb.net userdns.com / versaweb.com fbx.proxad.net rima-tde.net rima-tde.net versanet.de ip-91-121-11.eu (632 attempts since I started blocking) vhoster.net vhoster.net hidehost.net vhoster.net vhoster.net ripe.net ripe.net xserver.ua voxility.com quadranet.com quadranet.com quadranet.com curacao.io

The sad thing is, with this group of 64 now prevented from obtaining a response from my web server, another group will "rise to the top". All the while, I'm cutting random IP's off from my domains. The Internet is broken.

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