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the message and the medium


A former colleague on the SIRA board published this article to LinkedIn.

It led me to realize what I'd been doing, recently. I've been unsubscribing from all of my email feeds and have so far let go of some thirty (30!) feeds. In their stead, I've been going back to my backlog of unread books.

And what I've found: better written, better researched material that is free of several off-putting things that come with the "blogosphere" and platforms like LinkedIn or Medium: inappropriate political slant; limited perspective (I'm a success in this one job, all environments must therefor match my experience!); un-vetted ideas; incomplete ideas; proof-reading; etc.

As my eyes age, I find I can only read so much in a day. I'm going to spend less time chasing the random reading you get online and focus on the improved quality of the printed book.

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