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Facebook is troubling


The other day, I realized that my regular use of Facebook as part of my advocating for safe cycling infrastructure in Toronto was having some negative effects. For one thing, I find myself in the cross-hairs of people with unknown interests—they're commenting on all I do and discuss on the site. It's smothering. Secondly, I found myself adopting the shitty culture of the place, getting drawn into endless discussions of the same few topics and trying to ignore the angry and insulting parties that seem hell-bent on giving voice to their sour emotions. Finally, I found myself tiring of the drumbeat of racism and other crap coming from people who should know better.

And all the while, I'm leaving a trail of data a kilometer wide on all of activities and opinions and contacts. For what!

I've closed my account on a few occasions, but now I'm convinced that I'm finished. Time to live offline again.

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