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let's encrypt for free certificates


I've now put SSL encryption on all four of my websites. I don't know if that makes them more secure* but given what I do for a living, it really makes sense for the appearance, given that the browsers are starting to flag anything without encryption as insecure!

Especially since reputable and widely supported certificates are now available for free in an automated fashion. It's all nicely encapsulated on the "Let's Encrypt" website. Let's Encrypt is an initiative founded by the Electronic Freedom Foundation and others in the industry. Their certificates are, as of last month, accepted even by Microsoft, so they're prime-time. What's particularly interesting is that they've completely automated their process for certificate installation and renewal, so you can obtain a certificate and keep it up to date with a simple cron job. Child's play.

*There are no transactions, and I ask for no sensitive data being input. Also, I've seen commercial products that can apparently scan content supposedly encrypted end to end by SSL.

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