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These are helpful downloads that I've made to assist with the creation of a risk management function at an enterprise, or to assist with project risk management.


This is a version of this website, boiled down to a presentation.

Controls matrix template

Based on COBIT 5, this is a spreadsheet (.xlsx) of controls for different aspects of the organization. COBIT is a registered trademark of ISACA. This is the most important template here.

Price: free (registration with forum required).

Roles matrix

A sample matrix showing how different roles from the necessary process manuals can be recorded, and how each is assigned to a primary and alternate.

Price: free (registration with forum required).

Organization chart template

This is a spreadsheet that may be filled in and then imported to MS Visio to make a familiar org chart.


Process manual template

A template Word document (.docx) that puts together all of the pieces, including sections for: document identification; statements of purpose, policies, and procedures; roles; governance; and document management. The latter contains information on how the processes are measured and corrected, and when and how the policies are reviewed. The template also has a place for linking in controls, either from an auditor's list or your own internal list.


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